Thursday, May 10, 2012

How an SR Flip Flop worlks?

An SR Flip-Flop can be considered as a basic one-bit memory device that has two inputs, one which will "SET" the device and another which will "RESET" the device back to its original state and an output Q that will be either at a logic level "1" or logic "0" depending upon this Set/Reset condition. A basic NAND Gate SR flip flop circuit provides feedback from its outputs to its inputs and is commonly used in memory circuits to store data bits. The term "Flip-flop" relates to the actual operation of the device, as it can be "Flipped" into one logic state or "Flopped" back into another.

The Animation of the SR Flip Flop using NOR gate is shown below.

SR Flip Flop NOR Realization

The Block Diagram, NAND Realization and Truth Table are given below.


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