About Us

This is an initiative of some ME students, ECE Department of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology.
Our Main Aim is to learn the basics of Electronics and share that with our Friends.
Also, we are trying to bring all the electronics related contents in the web under one umbrella, so that it will be beneficial for the beginners.
Now we are only 17 Authors and in future we expect participation of more students.
As the main feature of the Blog, we have used some animations and funny illustrations for many of the Concepts, which is easy to understand.

We have given proper courtesy for images and definitions, if it is taken from some other website or Blog.

All the contents in this Blog is created using the matter or images from the related websites or Text Book with proper courtesy.

Our aim is to bring the Electronics related contents under single umbrella to help the students to learn the fundamentals with ease.

We sincerely thank the websites, blogs and text book authors for sharing the information for the students.

This blog does not have any MONITORY aim, as you can see we do not use any advertisements in the Blog and it is a Free source for the students.

We believe the Knowledge freedom in the Internet.

This is not an official Blog of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology and Bannari Amman Institute of Technology will not be responsible for any of the contents in this Blog.
Responsibility of the posts on this blog is solely on the authors of the respective posts.
The Blog administrators and the authors make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.  

We welcome your comments and feedback.