Thursday, July 26, 2012

Difference between Level Triggered and Edge Triggered

Level Trigger:
1) The input signal is sampled when the clock signal is either HIGH or LOW.
2) It is sensitive to Glitches.
Example: Latch.

Edge Trigger:
1) The input signal is sampled at the RISING EDGE or FALLING EDGE of the clock signal.
2) It is not-sensitive to Glitches.
Example: Flipflop.

I m sure the timing diagrams below is the best way of explanation.

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  1. thanks. if you can elaborate it will be more helpful.

  2. lactches not used clock they use en input

  3. it will be the best if you can explain the diagram

  4. It will be useful if the "leading" and "trailing" edges are also marked since some textbooks prefer to use these terms.


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