Friday, September 14, 2012

What is Phase, Neutral and Earth?

1. load current flows through neutral, but in normal operation, no load current will ever flow through earth (In some countries it is also called Ground, but usually Ground is related to DC).

2. It can be stated that Neutral can be grounded, but Ground is not neutral.

3. From the Generation side, the Neutral and Earth have the same common point.

4. Neutral/Earth in this case would act as the return path of the supply.

5. From the Distribution side, we start to run the Neutral lines.

6. Neutral in this case would be the return path of the supply.

7. Earth is still available but normally there will be no current flowing, only during supply leakage.

In Home, neutral is the return path of the current to the transformer and Earthing is for avoiding the shock.

However in Distribution side both have the same meaning and using as the return path of the current. ie, they are using the Earth as the return path of electricity rather than using a Separate wire.

The below images explains the concepts well.

If you want to study more about the same, please visit this Blog.
He has explained this concept with his own illustrations and explained in a simple manner.

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