Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IEEE 802 Standards

IEEE 802 refers to a family of IEEE standards dealing with local area networks and metropolitan area networks.

IEEE 802.1Bridging (networking) and Network Management
IEEE 802.2Logic Link Controlinactive
IEEE 802.3Ethernet
IEEE 802.4Token busdisbanded
IEEE 802.5Defines the MAC layer for a Token Ringinactive
IEEE 802.6Metropolitan Area Network (Distributed Queue Dual Bus)disbanded
IEEE 802.7Broadband Local Area Network using Coaxial Cabledisbanded
IEEE 802.8Fiber Optic TAGdisbanded
IEEE 802.9Integrated Services LAN disbanded
IEEE 802.10Interoperable LAN Securitydisbanded
IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/nWireless LAN (WLAN) & Mesh (Wi-Fi certification)
IEEE 802.12100BaseVGdisbanded
IEEE 802.13Unused
IEEE 802.14Cable modemsdisbanded
IEEE 802.15Wireless Personal area Network
IEEE 802.15.1Bluetooth certification
IEEE 802.15.2IEEE 802.15 and IEEE 802.11 coexistence
IEEE 802.15.3High-Rate wireless PAN
IEEE 802.15.4Low-Rate wireless PAN (e.g., ZigBee, WirelessHART, MiWi, etc.)
IEEE 802.15.5Mesh networking for WPAN
IEEE 802.15.6Body area network
IEEE 802.16Broadband Wireless Access (WiMAX certification)
IEEE 802.16.1Local Multipoint Distribution Service
IEEE 802.17Resilient packet ring
IEEE 802.18Radio Regulatory TAG
IEEE 802.19Coexistence TAG
IEEE 802.20Mobile Broadband Wireless Access
IEEE 802.21Media Independent Handoff
IEEE 802.22Wireless Regional Area Network
IEEE 802.23Emergency Services Working Group
IEEE 802.24Smart Grid TAGNew (November, 2012)
IEEE 802.25Omni-Range Area Network

Network bridging describes the action taken by network equipment to allow two or more communication networks, or two or more network segments creating an aggregate network. Bridging is distinct from routing which allows the networks to communicate independently as separate networks. A network bridge is a network device that connects more than one network segment.

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