Friday, November 30, 2012

Audio Frequency Vs Radio frequency

Generally,radio frequencies has more power than audio frequencies.The signal with more power penetrates more deeply.The first known frequencies from the 20's and 30's were in the millions of hertz range. 

 So why do most of the instruments built today only use low audio frequencies when original frequencies were much higher? 

 The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) is the reason why. In 1935 Congress created the FCC and by 1936 they began to regulate the airwaves. Before 1935 there were no regulations to prevent Dr. Rife from using his high frequencies output through a ray tube. The frequencies output through the ray tube would travel about 12 miles in each direction from his laboratory, and would. Dr.Rife said his equipment would “raise the devil” with all the radios. 

In 1936, Philip Hoyland built the first audio frequency instrument. (right)  In these early designs, a radio frequency was used to "carry" the new lower audio frequencies into the body. 

In the 1950s, Rife's research partners John Crane and John Marsh continued to build this lower audio frequency instrument, using simple off-the-shelf  technology of the day. From this time on, Dr. Rife’s original high frequencies were no longer used in any of the equipment, nor were his RF carrier waves used.   Most of today’s modern frequency generators are patterned after these early 50's style instruments. 

The RF carrier frequency gives the same harmonics and penetration as the earlier ray tube instruments.Hence we do use RF carrier wave.

When u hear a song ,it is audio frequency.These audio frequency are brought to your radio by radio frequency.The audio frequencies are "piggy backed" onto the radio frequencies.   

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