Monday, November 12, 2012

How inkjet printer Works?

1. paper tray 
2.printhead/cartridge assembly
3.printhead stepper motor 
4. sliding rod
6. printhead cartridge
8.nozzles chambers 


A typical inkjet receives control info from your printer driver/PC, or may process the printout in its onboard electronics. Either way, rollers advance a page from your paper tray (1) under a sliding printhead/cartridge assembly (2). Then, the printhead stepper motor (3) kicks in, drawing the assembly on a sliding rod (4) to its starting position, usually via a belt (5).
The printhead (6) proper is an incredible piece of miniaturization, in some cases fabricated via an etching process similar to semiconductor manufacture. On some printers, the head and ink cartridge (7) are one unit. The head's microscopic nozzles (8)—anywhere from dozens to literally thousands—are outlets for incredibly tiny ink chambers (9), which are fed by the cartridge's reservoirs. Microscopic droplets (10), measured in millionths of a millionth of a liter (no, that's not a typo), fire through the nozzles.
Most inkjets (Epsons excepted) use "thermal" technology in which a tiny resistor(11) in an ink chamber is pulsed, as needed, with intense current, superheating the ink and vaporizing part of the droplet. 

The result: 
 Terrific pressure blasts it out the nozzle and onto your page. (Epson employs a piezoelectric process in which applying current to a crystal in an ink chamber causes it to oscillate, ejecting the ink.) Capillary action then draws new ink into the chamber. Your text and images are built up, line by line, as the printhead assembly tracks across the page.A given chamber can repeat the heating/firing/cooling cycle thousands of times per second. 


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