Sunday, July 22, 2012

Single Side Band suppresed Carrier-Animation


This modulation modulation was the basis for all long distance telephone communications up until the last decade. It was called "L carrier." It consisted of groups of telephone conversations modulated on upper and/or lower sidebands of contiguous suppressed carriers. The groupings and sideband orientations (USB, LSB) supported hundreds and thousands of individual telephone conversations. 

SSB was used by the U.S. Air force's Strategic Air Command (SAC) to insure reliable communications between their nuclear bombers and NORAD. In fact, before satellite communications SSB-was the only reliable form of communications with the bombers. 


 (1) Since the carrier is not transmitted, there is a reduction by 50% of the transmitted power (-3dBm).

 (2)Because in SSB, only one sideband is transmitted, there is a further reduction   by 50% in transmitted power (-3dBm (+) -3dBm = -6dBm).
(3) Finally, because only one sideband is received, the receiver's needed bandwidth is reduced by one          half--thus effectively reducing the required power by the transmitter another 50% (-3dBm (+) -3dBm (+) -3dBm = -9dBm).

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