Monday, July 30, 2012

How DVD player works?

Disc drive mechanism:

It consist of a motor which drives the disc in circular motion.Also contains a disc feed-a loading tray that is used to accept the CD.Thus the entire disc rotates.The spindle is held in its position with the help of small gears and belts that are attached internally. Some players have an automatic feed system in which, there will be no tray. Instead the disc will be automatically recognized after inserting a part of it.

Optical system: 

The optical system mainly consists of the laser beam, lenses, prism, photo-detectors and also mirrors. The output of this mechanism will be the input for the disc-drive. The laser beam will be a red laser diode which works at a wavelength of 600 nanometers. The optical system also requires a motor to drive it. The laser system and photo-detector is placed together on a single platform. The laser diode as well as other diodes is made with the help of glass.


The PCB is similar to that of any other electronic circuits. The electronic outline must be drawn on the PCB with the correct placement of all the IC’s resistors as well as capacitors. After the outline has been drawn, the components must be soldered to their respective places. All this must be done in a very clean environment so that the board does not become contaminated by dust. All the primary components of the electronic circuit should be made out of silicon.

The pits and bumps in the DVD are hit by the laser from the optical mechanism of the DVD player. This laser will be reflected differently according to the change of pits and bumps. Though the laser hits a single spot, the DVD moves in a circular motion so that the entire area is covered. Mirrors are also used to change the spot.
These reflected laser beams are then collected by a light sensor (eg. photo-detector) which converts the different signals into a binary code. In short, the optical system helps in converting the data from the DVD into a digital code.

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