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What is a walkie-talkie?

Walkie-talkies are a portable radio which is used to communicate on a shared frequency band.Each unit contains a transmitter ,receiver,antenna,loudspeaker.By clicking the push-to-talk it enables the microphone and thus the conversation takes place.More sophisticated walkie-talkies contain seperate loudspeakers and microphones.

  1. Antenna: Sends and receives radio waves.
  2. Lcd display:It Shows channel number, remaining battery life, and so on.
  3. Monitor: It can be also used as an monitoring device.hence,it can be used as a listening device.
  4. Menu select buttons (marked with plus and minus symbols).
  5. Menu button: We can change the functions .And it is used to lock the keypad.
  6. Loudspeaker.
  7. Push-to-talk (PTT) button.
  8. On/off switch and volume control.
  9. LED: indicator light shows when channels are busy.
  10. Microphone: Unlike some models, this walkie-talkie has a separate loudspeaker and microphone.
  11. Transmit call tone: This sends a tone signal to other radios on the same channel alerting them that you want to talk.

Who invented the walkie-talkie?

Walkie-talkies (originally called two-way radios or "pack sets") were invented in 1937 by Canadian Donald Hings (1907–2004) and, around the same time, by American inventor Alfred Gross (1918–2000). Both men saw their inventions developed for military use during World War II; both went on to devise numerous other inventions: Gross is credited with inventing pagers, which were a popular way of staying in touch on the move before cellphones became ubiquitous, while Hings developed numerous improvements to radio, radar, magnetic ground-surveying devices, and equipment for measuring air pollution (he has 39 different inventions listed at the US Patent and Trademark Office).

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