Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ultra Capacitor

It is a charge storing device but different in construction with respect to normal capacitor.Capacitance range upto 5000F.Also called double layered
--No chemical reactions involved.
--Works at -40 degree celsius.
--It stores 5% more energy than lithium ion battery.
--Much more effective at rapid, regenerative energy storage than chemical batteries.

Inside a super capacitor:


--When a voltage is applied,the ions are attracted to the electrode with the opposite charge,where they cling electrostatically to the pores of the carbon
-- At low voltages used in ultracapacitors, carbon is inert and does not react chemically with the ions attached to it.Nor the ions become ionized or reduced,as they do at the higher voltages used in an electrolytic cell.
--As the effective area where ions are stuck is much larger,appreciably high value of capacitance is obtained.

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